The Subtle Art Of Not Giving A Fuck | BOOK REVIEW

A whole lot of swear words and a bunch of fucking wisdom

“You’re gonna get fucked if you give a fuck about everything”


Too much cuss words. Some people hate it, but I love it.

The book cover is colored orange with a big title that is shouting that it doesn’t give a fuck.

It’s a self help book that teaches you to be negative. It’s not like the other self help books out there that promotes positivity and all that horsecrap.

But let’s turn down the edginess a bit and see the book for what it is.

It’s a book that flips the self help genre around and tells you to love negativity instead of trying to be positive all the time.

Accept life for what it is and work with it. Don’t run away from it because you need the negative to get the positive. There is no other way.

Do you give a fuck about everything? Well, this book is for you.


The book teaches you to give a fuck on what truly matters, instead of things that doesn’t matter. (which most of us fail at)

The crazy part is, if you give a fuck on what actually matters, then people will give a fuck about you in return. That’s sweet if you ask me.

It has lots of stories that captures your mind and makes you realize how powerful you are if you just take responsibility for everything that happened in your life.

“To not give a fuck, is to stare done at life’s scariest and hardest challenges and still take action”

Not gonna lie, this is my first time finishing a book, and the ending made me cry a lot. It speaks about death and why we should question ourselves about what legacy do we want to leave in this world after we pass away.

With my pen and paper, rustling across the outline of the pages, taking notes at important paragraphs, this was when I realize that reading books brings me joy and fulfillment.

Photo by Kourosh Qaffari on Unsplash

You should also check out Mark Manson’s blog, it’s pretty fascinating. His style of writing is hilarious and probably influenced my writing style because I read the book almost every single day. (damn it)

I’ll probably re-read the book again soon and actually dig deep by taking notes, and perhaps make a summary of it. (I need to work on organizing my knowledge)

It’s a pretty great book. Give it to your grandma that gives too much fucks about getting her coupons accepted by the cashier. If she gets angry to the pimply 16 year old cashier because her coupons are expired, then give her this book immediately. She needs to give a fuck about something more important.

Also give it to your grandpa that gives too much of a fuck about the news and not his own personal life, like his family, health, passions, and all those important shit.

Thanks Mark Manson, now let's go get some squirrels.

Thank you so much for reading!

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