The One That Succeeds Is The One That Puts In The Work

Hard work and Patience is necessary!

Look at the picture at the top.

It’s me, on a black shirt, trying to point at something. Also, I have the 'I don’t give a fuck' look on my face.

Take a moment to think about the picture of myself at the top. Look at it. Think about it- deeply. I’ll give you 1 minute.

Did you see a ghost on the picture?


Of course not. It’s a lie. Nothing 'weird' or interesting is happening on the picture except from the bitch face expression I’m wearing.

I’m telling you something here. There’s an underlying lesson.

The lesson is:

Stop thinking. Stop debating. Stop strategizing. Stop pondering. Stop overthinking.

You are slowing yourself down! You could of have finished reading this article already!

Stop thinking so deeply about things if you want to succeed.

Life is simple.

You want to have power? Money? Fame? A great body? Anything?

YOU already know what to do.

Put in the work. Stop overthinking. Stop procrastinating.




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