Self Help Will Not Work. Here’s Why

Why self-help is useless unless you do this ONE THING.

Nothing happens until something moves.

Why Not Self Help?

Okay, look.

I know those self help books that are stacked up in your bookshelf are making you feel good and look good, but that’s not gonna cut it.

Reading those books, blogs, articles, watching youtube videos, and all this self development material that are supposed to improve yourself, is not gonna work.

What is happening here is that you are consuming self help because it is making you feel good, it’s that high, that instant gratification of feeling like you have improved yourself because you’re learning all this secrets from the greats of the greats.

There is nothing wrong with reading or watching self help. Hell, I do it too all the time, I’m addicted to it.

Self help works, because it teaches you the right mentality to go be your best self.

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It’s just that you are not applying this ONE THING that would actually make those ideas, concepts and beliefs actually work and improve your life overall.

A lot of self help nerds like you and me get trapped at this, and you can benefit from knowing what is that you actually need after you consumed those self help materials.

You can read lots of self help books, podcast, videos, blogs or whatever there is but that doesn’t mean that you are gonna be the greatest after all of it, and I would love to tell you why.

You are missing another formula.

That formula is needed to actually make those self help materials work.

Wanna know what that formula is? It’s quite simple really.


Yep, think about those times where you consumed your self help, wheater it might be in terms of a video, a book, a blog or whatever.

Have you actually took those ideas, concepts and beliefs that you got from those and actually challenged yourself to take it into ACTION?

Should I throw this books out?

Taking action after you learnt something new is important because it becomes you and strengthens that learning inside of your mind.

If you learnt about something, put it to work by taking action!

Do. Learn. Make Mistakes. Fail.

As Gary Vaynerchuck said,

“How many fucking books from this expert do you need? DO SHIT.”

Reading, watching, consuming, pondering, debating, strategizing, overthinking isn’t gonna do anything. Stop it.

If you want to conquer your goals and be who you wanted to be, you can only do that through actually TAKING ACTION. You can’t just consume and consume and think that your life is gonna change after all of it. No, you have to be practical and be realistic.

I believe that the most practical advice out there is to JUST TAKE ACTION.

Those quotes that you see on Google or Instagram or whatever social media platform you’re in to, those quotes wouldn’t work. They will not. They already did there work and that is to inspire and give you the knowledge, but ‘inspire and give you knowledge’ isn’t gonna take you anywhere if you aren’t willing to take action with that knowledge!

You can do it, I believe in you. This was my problem back then until I learnt to look at life in a practical and realistic way.

Reading a blog about how to get a six pack isn’t gonna get you a six pack, you actually have to apply what you have learnt from that blog to get that damn six pack.

Heck, it’s on the NIKE’s tagline.



  • Self Help will not work, unless you do.
  • Quotes will not work, unless you do.
  • Productivity Tips will not work, unless you do.
  • Life Advice will not work, unless you do.

Words are nothing but just words.

But Action speaks louder than words itself.


That will be the most practical advice that you can get today, and probably the only advice you will ever need to succeed.

(now go apply this advice by taking action on what you’ve learnt here today ;)

Thank you so much for reading!

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