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My Experience With Starting A Twitter Niche Business In 2020

Still learning about the Twitter world and How to grow the account

Any experience is a good experience.


It was a really exciting experience. Let’s go back from the start.

I was in bed the other night, about to drift off to sleep.

Then suddenly, an idea popped up.

BRAIN: “Hey Paul, how about we start a twitter niche business about wisdom and life?”


I immediately grabbed my phone and started the niche Twitter account.

I didn’t even overthink about anything. I just did it.

I’m really happy on the way it turned out.


I don’t know anything about starting a niche twitter account and how to let it grow, but I believe that I should just jump in and swim with the sharks so I can learn and gain from the experience.

For the profile picture, I picked a statue from the stoic minds.

For the banner, I made it with a Canva template and added an attention-catching sentence-


For the bio, I rambled in some information about what content I put out and a link to my personal brand.

So, from the start I used HootSuite to schedule the tweets. I aim for around 3 tweets per day and I plan to schedule all the tweets for 1 week before I work on another rounds of tweets for the next week.

Now, of course, how do I grow this twitter account?

Well, I learned that I should engage with much people as possible with in my niche. And also bring value while I’m at it to maximize the effect.

So I liked and replied to every tweets that is around the same niche as I do. This strategy seems to work and I get loads of impressions and followers for doing it. So I planned to have a daily engagement routine everyday of the morning after I’m done eating.


I’ve learned a lot from managing this twitter account.

I’ve learned:

  • How to create E-books
  • How to create a landing page for email marketing
  • Shortening links with Bitly
  • To be successful, you got to be consistent and not overthink shit.
  • Also, Is this being part of being an Entrepreneur? Then I LOVE IT!

I mostly started doing this to get my hands dirty and gain more experience in life. I felt like I was living life acting like I know everything when in reality, I don’t.

Any experience is a good experience. I don’t care if I gain no money at this.

The skills that I learned here will carry on for my future projects.

Let’s keep it going!

Have you started a business on social media before? What platforms did you use? Did you generate any money from it? Let me know!

Thank you so much for reading!

I would love it if you follow, comment, and clap!


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