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Momentum Is A Double-Edged Sword

Momentum is a nonstopping energy that needs to be understood for our own sake

“A body in motion stays in motion, and a body at rest stays at rest”


I was on my bed, at 8:00 AM.

I open up my Gmail account because I had an unread email from James Clear.

What’s inside his email is simply just another one of his 3–2–1 articles that I love reading everytime I get a chance to consume its wisdoms.

But what caught my eye at the bottom part of his article was a note said:

Momentum is a double-edged sword. It can propel you to new heights or keep you locked into previous choices and old habits.

This was fascinating to me for a reason.

One reason is that I’ve always thought ‘Momentum’ as this forward only concept.

You take the next step forward and the next steps would be much easier. That’s how I defined ‘Momentum’.

What that note struck my mind is that ‘Momentum’ is now a forward and a backward energy.

Momentum can be dangerous, if used in backward motion.

If you are active on a bad habit, then the momentum will propel you backwards. Making it easier to dwell in that bad habit, again and again.

It shows that Momentum is a double-edged sword.

A simple concept and a new lesson about momentum, but a pretty profound one.

Let’s use the power of momentum, wisely, and awarely and too our advantage.

How have you used the power of momentum to your advantage? I would love to know!

Thank you so much for reading!

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