Finding Your Niche When You Have Lots of Passions in 2020 🥁

What should you do?

So you have lots of passions? Same, I do too! That's great.

It means that you hold the award of being a 'multi-passionate' person. 🏆

Aren't we special? Of course we are.

We want our passions to be shown across the world, but what if we have too many passions? Too many gifts? Too many interests?

But oh, the world of internet gurus tells you to 'stick' to a niche, 'stick' to one thing, 'stick' to only that.

We all know that's hard, because we don't want to just show 1 side of us, that is difficult because we want to express ourselves. 😪

We are multi dimensional humans, we aren't just one thing, so that's why it's hard for us multi passionate people to 'stick' to one thing or stick to a niche.

I used to have a big problem with this, until I found out about a philosophy that can free you to post whatever the hell you please and show off all your passion. 🥁

It's called:

"The Niche Is You"

It's a fascinating quote because it shows that 'you', yourself, is its own niche.

You, the person, is what makes you unique.

No one can copy you, that's why you are your own niche. 😌

That uniqueness will want people to keep being updated on you.

People would LOVE to see you, by just being you.

It's really common sense, and of course, this isn't all black and white, it's a grey concept.

Let's look at people who adopted this philosophy of "The Niche Is You".

Gary Vaynerchuck. 🤬

This guys is a straight up badass at using the power of creating content by documenting his life, and people love watching it.

Documenting is easy, and plus this with bringing value to people, then you have a popping show that is low effort and high impact.

He doesn't have a niche, the niche is him, the badass serial entrepreneur, the boss, the CEO, the New York Jets fan, the Instagram guy that posts inspirational content.

Him. He is his own niche. 😎

I watch Gary Vaynerchuck because of him, I watch the story unfold as he goes on with his life. It's amazing and motivating.

So, if you want to express your passions to the whole world, use the power of 'The Niche Is You'.

I believe in you, you got this. ❤️🧡💛

Oh, and check out Gary Vaynerchuck's take here: 😉


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